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XXX Blackmail

Alyssa Cole Shoplifting Porn Clip
case-no-7956845: Alyssa Cole
Alyssa Cole appears in this shoplifting porn clip where she faces XXX blackmail for stealing at store.
Febuary 1st 4:18pm - Case # 7956845 - Grand Theft - A group of teens have been notorious for stealing in large quantities around the area. This store in particular was missing hefty amounts of stock with no return. After weeks of observation, the theft ring was confirmed as a group of young female suspects in school uniforms. The group came in and LP officer was automatically alerted. After observation, suspects were caught on camera all stealing. The scene was rushed, and all got away but one. Suspect was offered a deal if she gave up her accomplices, but refused. When pressured that her friends were giving her up, she was willing to tell the truth, but only for guaranteed immunity. LP officer pulled some strings, but after some long hard work suspect was able to get on his good side and let go proceeding her testimony. Evidence logged on Feb 1, 2017.
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XXX Blackmail Alyssa Cole
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