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Blackmail XXX

Body Search Porn Kat Monroe
case-no-2725568: Kat Monroe
On August 30th at 4:59pm, Kat Monroe was involved in a Blackmail XXX clip as endure a body search in this porn clip.
August 30th 4:59pm - Case # 2725568 - Petty Theft - Suspect did not cooperate with LP officer. LP officer then explained a strip search would follow. In hopes of avoiding the search, suspect removed the merchandise from their person and admitted to being caught. Suspect also used the premise that they were sent from the county to do a security check, which was an obvious lie. Infraction was then handled locally by LP officer without the inclusion of law enforcement. Evidence logged on Aug 30, 2017.
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Val Steele
Case No. 7906117 Lily Glee